About Us

100% SWEET is a local approach to ensuring our school leavers are engaged in further education, training and employment, our name is our goal ‘100% of Students in Whanganui in Education Employment and Training’.

We are governed by the Whanganui District Employment Training Trust (WDETT) a charitable trust who are a mixture of Whanganui business, education, tertiary and local government leaders.

We are grateful for funding from Whanganui and Partners, Lotteries, UCOL, Te Ara Mahi, Whanganui Community Trust and United Way to make this important work continue.


What Do We Do?

We work closely with four main groups, Business, Tertiary Providers, Secondary schools and Secondary school teachers.

Business – Identify employment local opportunities with local businesses and then assist school leavers with gaining employment, the benefit for business is that we can find the ideal candidates efficiently to meet their needs, provide work ready school leavers to the work place. We work closely with both the Whanganui and Manawatu Chamber of commerce who provide us with great connections and advice.

Tertiary Providers – Assist students with finding the right tertiary education, assist with enrolments and entitlements regardless of whether its a Whanganui provider or a provider from another centre our goal is to ensure that these students succeed and realise their potential.

Secondary schools – We support our local secondary schools by working with teachers and leadership teams on career pathway advice, supporting the delivery of the Work ready passport, organise and facilitate careers expo’s.

Secondary students – While at school we meet with individual students helping them transition into the workplace or tertiary education, meet with class or year groups around career options and opportunities  and support them in the Work ready passport completion, we also facilitate student Gateway at WCC. We contact every school leaver throughout the year and offer assistance in the post-secondary school environment.


Why Do We Do It?

Whanganui has the potential among our youth to make our city grow and expand into the future, as a community we need to take ownership to ensure that we do the best we can to make this happen.  There is a clear need to assist business identify talent to help business growth and at the same time provide employment opportunities for our talented youth to keep them in Whanganui into the future.

Whichever path someone takes whether it be tertiary education into employment or directly into employment we are here to try and foster success for all of those we work with.